Giocattolo Italian Greyhounds

"The smallest Sighthound"

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We hope you can find everything you need. Giocattolo Italian Greyhounds is focused on preserving the essence of the Italian Greyhound.

We intend to preserve this ancient and aristocratic breed

We also intend to continue the work of Eltazzi Kennels in breeding typical sound hounds. We are fortunate to be mentored by Mrs Skilton who is an International All Breeds Judge and Sighthound Specialist and is willing to impart to us her knowledge and experience of the breed and dogs in general. 

My research into the history of the breed has indicated that while the breed was known and kept as a wonderful companion and friend it became victim to fads and fancies throughout the ages. 

One "fashion" that almost saw the end of the breed was their use as a lady's lapdog almost becoming a sleeve dog which weakened the gene pool. We want to ensure that this never happens again and that this delightful breed is kept pure and Sighthoundish, being equally at home on someone's lap or out in the field chasing "bunnies".  

A sentiment close to our hearts

In Annette Oliver's book "Living with Italian Greyhounds" there is a note at the end of her chapter "Breeding a Litter". It expresses all the sentiment and principles that I think should be remembered when considering breeding from an Italian Greyhound.

" It is fitting to close this chapter by giving a warning. Never try to breed Italians on a large scale. They are, always have been, and hopefully always will be, the dog for the specialist.

There is no large pet market waiting to be supplied. They must always remain special in your household - each important in his/her own right. While addictive to some - they would never be suitable for others.

We can only each do our part to protect this ancient and beautiful breed. Be thankful to have discovered them for yourself, and take their custodianship seriously. It is our duty to protect them, in the same way as our ancestors did, and always treat them as the 'Aristocrats' they are."

Older Iggies available for rehoming

We have two older Iggies, a 6 year old male and a 5 year old female available for rehoming.

Please contact us at [email protected] for further information these lovely Iggies.