Giocattolo Italian Greyhounds

"The smallest Sighthound"

News from Giocattolo

4 January 2014

Tux (Xarnago Tophat NTails) goes Dog Challenge and Junior of Breed at the Wollondilly All Breeds Kennel Club Inc under judge Mrs P Harding (NSW).

Tango (Australian Champion Galig Letz Danz) goes Open of Breed.

Two more points and Tux will be an Australian Champion.

26 January 2014

Tux (Xarnego Tophat Ntails) goes Best of Breed under Mrs J Docksey (NSW).

This was a 9 point BOB so Tux gained enough points to become an Australian Champion (pending.)

He went on to win Australian Bred in the Toy Group.

Bird.E.Bird (Giocattolo Diamonde Nero) went Reserve Bitch Challenge.